Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing a quick and fun interview with Darlene L. Turner and hosting a giveaway of her debut novel, Border Breach, which released April 1, 2020.

When drugs are smuggled across the border it’s their duty to stop the culprits…at any cost.

Forming a joint task force, Canada border officer Kaylin Poirier and police constable Hudson Steeves have one objective: take down a drug-smuggling ring trying to sell a new lethal product. But when the smugglers come after Kaylin and Hudson, this mission becomes more than just a job. Can they live long enough to solve the case?

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A Little about Darlene

Darlene L. Turner is an award-winning author and lives with her husband, Jeff in Ontario, Canada. Her love of suspense began when she read her first Nancy Drew book. She’s turned that passion into her writing and believes readers will be captured by her plots, inspired by her strong characters, and moved by her inspirational message. You can connect with Darlene at www.darlenelturner.com where there’s suspense beyond borders.


Who inspired your love of reading?

My parents both loved to read, so I grew up with the family always having their nose in a book (except for my sister – who is now one of my biggest supporters! 🙂 ) This inspired me to read and I quickly fell in love with Nancy Drew books!

There is definite truth to the saying that parents who read to their children inspire life-long readers.

Do you have a day job? If so, how do you balance that with writing?

Yes, I’m a Quality Assurance Analyst for an insurance company, I test our online application. I spend my evenings and weekend writing. Sometimes I will sneak in my lunch hour at work to do some writing too! Every little amount of time helps, right?


What is the most amount of time you’ve spent working on one book?

My very first book started from a creative writing class years ago. It took me probably five years to finish due to putting it down, picking it back up again, taking writing classes and revising, editing after contests, etc. However, Border Breach only took approximately four months from start to finish.

That sounds very similar to my own writing history.

What inspired the premise of this novel?

I’ve crossed different borders into the States many times and I’ve often thought it would be fun to put a female border patrol agent together with a police officer to solve a smuggling ring. When I started googling some ideas, the doda drug came up and that’s when the storyline came to me.

Can you tell me a little about the doda drug for those who’ve never heard of it before?

It’s a drug derived from dried poppies and mostly used in teas to get a “kick.” Of course, I added a new ingredient to make it deadly! 😉

Oooh. Intriguing! 

What do you want readers to expect when they read your novel?

Border Breach is a story of forgiveness. It’s my hope that readers will be captured by the action-packed plot, inspired by the characters, and moved by the inspirational message.

Action-packed AND an inspirational message? Definitely my kind of read. 

What other authors are you friends with and how did they help you become a better writer?

That’s an easy one! I have many author friends who are amazing (like yourself!), but I have to mention two. DiAnn Mills is my mentor and has been SO supportive and encouraging to me throughout my writing journey. Also, Dana R. Lynn has also been amazing and helped me so much. I couldn’t have done it without them!

Having someone who’s gone before is always a blessing.

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us today. Congratulations on your debut!


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