Title: Ribbons and Beaus

Series: Chaparral Hearts

Genre: Historical Christian Romance

Length: 35,000 words

Publisher: Kathleen Denly

Release Date: January 11, 2020

A Chaparral Hearts prequel novella

One brother offers her the world but the other holds her heart.

Nora Taylor was the little girl who followed Jim Brooks around the fields asking too many questions. So when his brother announces Nora’s return from a trip to Boston along with his intention to court and marry her, Jim thinks he’s joking. Until he sees for himself how much Nora has grown up. Suddenly staying out of his little brother’s way doesn’t seem so easy.

Nora tried finding love her father’s way, but on her return from a year in Boston, she realizes her heart was in Ohio all along. Her parents think Jim Brooks is an uneducated nobody with no money and no future. And Jim agrees that she deserves better. Can she change their minds? Or will Jim’s brother change hers?

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