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Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering one of my novels for your group:

“Debut author Kathleen Denly has crafted a sweet & swoony romance with delightful, vividly-drawn characters you’ll quickly grow to love. Waltz in the Wilderness takes these characters – and readers – on a tender (and sometimes harrowing) journey with well-timed tension in all the right places. What a great novel!”


– Carrie Schmidt,

“I am IN LOVE with this story!…the characters are very easy to relate to, the setting draws you in till you can taste the salt water in the air, and the romance *phew* where is my fan and fainting couch? I literally did not…could not…put this down. A beautiful story about trust, love, and forgiveness, Waltz in the Wilderness will enrapture you heart and soul. I do NOT say these words lightly. There are many wonderful books that I have read over the past few years, but THIS one is so unique and different that it stands out among the others.”


– Rachel Dixon,

“Waltz in the Wilderness captured my attention from the start and I did not want to put it down! The characters are endearing and there was enough mystery to keep me guessing until the very end. I loved every minute of it.”


-Kimberly L.

“Oh how I loved the faith element in the story and the way that the author led Eliza back to God.”


-DEANA, Amazon Review

“With an engaging plot, dynamic characters and unexpected dangers, you won’t be able to put this book down!”


-Trisha, Joy of Reading

“Author Kathleen Denly paints a vivid picture of California during the years immediately following the 1849 Gold Rush”


-Connie, Goodreads Review

“Not only did it satisfy my reading soul, but it gave me real substance to chew on as I contemplated the characters and their response to untenable circumstances.”


-Becky, Amazon Review

“Waltz in the Wilderness is a story of determination and hope.”


-Becca, Reflection From My Bookshelves


“I liked Kathleen Denly’s attention to detail and her vivid descriptions of the locations her characters visit, I felt like I was right there with them.

Overall, this story was interesting, had relatable characters, and was heart-touching in many ways.”


– Kimmie, Adventures of a Travelers Wife



“Kathleen Denly does an amazing job once again. She writes such great romance but its more than that….I can’t wait to see what else comes from this author!”

– Kelly-Ann, Musings of a Sassy Bookish Mama



“I loved the way that she created this well-researched world that- being set in 1858- is quite removed from our own modern world… and yet created this character and this story that I feel like so many of us women can relate to.”


– Randi, A Modern Day Fairy Tale


“Overall, I thought the premise was interesting, the characters proved to be memorable and the authors writing pulled me into her story.”


– Cathy, Amazon Review


“Denly created a story that captured my heart and imagination.”


– DonnaCReads, Bookbub Review

1. Each of my novels includes a list of discussion questions written with different group dynamics in mind. Whether you prefer your discussions to have a more literary or spiritual focus, there are questions available to aid in facilitating your conversations.

2. I’m happy to respond to questions from your group via either email, phone, or video chat. Please contact me to arrange this.

3. Depending on the size and location of your group, I will send either digital or printed one-of-a-kind goodies to your group as a thank you for choosing my novel.

4. I would be happy to speak to your group virtually. I could talk about my books, historical research methods, the writing process, adoption and foster care, When God’s Path Doesn’t Make Sense, & Finding Our Identity in Christ.

For more information, please contact me!

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