Murmur in the mud caves
Murmur in the mud caves

Devotional for Murmur in the Mud Caves

Title: His Broken Treasure

Series: Chaparral Hearts

Genre: Devotional

Length: 140 pages

Release Date: May 16, 2023

Devotional for Murmur in the Mud Caves

We’ve all felt broken or unvalued at times, but His Broken Treasure helps take readers deeper into the themes of Kathleen Denly’s Murmur in the Mud Caves and remind them how treasured they are by the One who matters most. These thirty-one devotionals will ask readers to consider:

  • Unconditional Love
  • Our Purpose
  • True Strength
  • Shame, Guilt & Forgiveness
  • Adoption
  • & more!

Designed to allow concurrent reading with Murmur in the Mud Caves, each section of His Broken Treasure is labeled with the chapter of the novel that it addresses. Reading this devotional will help you more easily recognize the beauty in God’s broken treasures.

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