Let’s face it, nothing about this year has been normal, so why should picking out a gift for that special book lover in your life be any different? With stores constantly closing, reopening, and changing their hours to keep up with the fluctuating health guidelines, shopping in person might seem less than appealing. But shopping online might not be much better if you don’t plan ahead and order early. News stations are reporting that mail carriers are warning customers to expect shipping delays and understand that there are no guarantees any packages will arrive on time. so my first tip is this:

Shop remote and shop early!

This doesn’t mean abandoning your local mom and pop stores. It means looking at their websites or making phone calls to check on inventory and hours before heading out. Better yet, if you can place your order from home and schedule a pick up time, you’ve taken much of the guess work out of the process and probably saved yourself some time. But don’t wait another week or more to get your shopping done even if you’re planning to shop local. Some stores are already experiencing delays in receiving products for their shelves. Make sure you get your gifts now to avoid disappointment later.

Think inside the box!

A lot of people are spending more time at home these days, so signing your loved up for a subscription box that delivers entertainment to their doorstep makes more sense than ever. Here are a few I’ve been considering (click the photos for more info):

Want quality Christian fiction delivered directly to your door? Anaiah Press has teamed up with Salty Sisters Gourmet Popcorn to bring you a fun staycation experience.


Faith & Fiction Book Box is a themed Christian Fiction quarterly book box! * Each box is made with love, and specially curated with 4-6 themed goodies & a new Christian fiction release.

Faith & Fiction Book Box is a themed Christian Fiction quarterly book box! Each box is made with love, and specially curated with 4-6 themed goodies & a new Christian fiction release.


Do you have book-loving people to shop for this Christmas?! The A Not So Dickens Christmas book box would be perfect for any and all book lovers!
Hurry to order your box as the first five orders have a chance of getting a $25 gift card to a surprise small business!!!


Okay, so this one isn’t a box subscription, but it does deliver entertainment to the doorstep of your loved one in the form of brand new books published by Barbour and written by some of the top-selling (and rising) authors in Christian Fiction.

Stay organized!

Keep a list of everyone you plan to send a gift to and check it twice. Then take a look at your shelving options. If you happen to live with your special book lover or know that they’re running out of space and you have a good idea of their home decor style, a bookshelf is a practical item that could relieve some of the stress this year has piled on all of us. Here are some options:

The traditional shelf – a classic beauty

The artistic shelf – who says horizontal and vertical are the only options?

The customizable shelf – they can assemble it however they like!

The shelf I personally own

The shelf I personally own – it’s small, but the rails keep my latest reads in place above my nightstand (out of reach of little fingers). (Towel bars are optional)

Get creative!

This year has been tough on a lot of people’s pocketbooks. The task of gifting all your normal folks may seem impossible, but I’m here to tell you it’s not. There are many gifts you can make for your book lover at little or no cost (depending on what crafting supplies you already have on hand). Here are a few of my favorite diy gift ideas for people who love books:

Can’t afford the subscription box idea? Have at least one great read laying around that you’re willing to part with? Lovingly wrap your gently used book in a pretty paper, add one or two small items (a bookmark, packet of tea, bar of chocolate), and set it all inside an old shoebox that you’ve covered with the prettiest paper you have on hand. Voila! You’re own DIY book box. Trust me, true book lovers are in it for the story, not the crispness of the binding. They’ll love your thoughtful, heartfelt gift.


The gift of time - a reading free pass

If your loved one struggles to find uninterrupted time to read (I’m looking at you, parents), this is the perfect gift that costs you nothing but time. (And possibly a smidge of sanity depending on the number of children you have to wrangle.) Sure you could write these words on any slip of paper, but if you’d like to print out a pretty ticket to present to your loved one, be sure to check out my KRC Freebie Library where you can download the high quality front and back ticket images for printing on cardstock.


Is your loved one constantly looking for something to hold their place in the book they’re reading? Gift them a collection of handmade bookmarks! I have several in the KRC Library or there are many other sites with tutorials on how to make your own. Nothing could be simpler or more practical.


Can you knit or sew? How about making a cozy scarf? Or stitching some cute needlepoint art like this one? (Click the image to visit Etsy and purchase this pattern.)


Keep it simple!

Sometimes the worst thing you can do is overthink a gift. Maybe you still have a few dollars in your account, but not enough to get something fancy and a DIY project is more than you can face right now. Not to worry. Book lovers are generally simple creatures. Buy us a book and we’ll love you for life. (Just make sure we haven’t read it yet or provide a gift receipt.) Bonus if you can snag a signed copy. Below are some of the books I’ve gifted before and some I’m planning to gift this year. For the sake of space, I only shared one book from any particular series although usually the entire series is great. Click on any cover for more information.

 Cover Image of "The Thorn Bearer" by Pepper D Basham  

If you’re loved one might enjoy a signed copy of my debut novel, Waltz in the Wilderness, please be sure to contact me! And of course, don’t forget that Sing in the Sunlight is currently on preorder and releases in March. Preorder a copy today and you can promise your loved one they’ll receive my preorder bonuses! (You know I couldn’t share a post like this without at least mentioning my upcoming release, right?)



What do you think of my tips? Did you find any ideas here that you might try? What are you planning to gift the book lovers in your life?

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