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We are officially past the halfway point for 2017 so I thought it was time for a hero roundup. It hasn’t been easy picking just five from the many swoon-worthy heroes I’ve read about thus far this year, but here they are just for you (not numbered or ordered in any particular way because, really, that is just impossible):

Amos BledsoeHeart on the Line by Karen Witemeyer

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Why?  Because he’s different. He isn’t tall, dark and handsome, 6’2″ with muscles for days. He’s your average, skinny, office-worker type who geeks out over the latest inventions – in this case, the bicycle. Yet he still puts himself out there emotionally and risks his own life to protect the woman he loves. What’s sexier than that?

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August ReinholdThe Thorn Healer by Pepper Basham

The Thorn Healer by Pepper D Basham

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Why? Because his patience and understanding should earn him a medal! Beyond understanding, his compassion in the face of racism and prejudice is a thing of beauty. This man has a heart of gold.


Andrew Wyndham – The Scarlet Coat by Angela K. Couch

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Why? Because this man literally lays down his life for the people he loves. Four times.

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Daniel Reid – The Patriot & The Loyalist by Angela K. Couch

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Why? Because he is a character redeemed but not unrealistically perfect. The breadth of his growth from his first introduction in The Scarlet Coat to the end of The Patriot & The Loyalist is a true testament to God’s ability to change a person for the better. Yet his transformation isn’t implausibly miraculous. He doesn’t wake up one morning a better man. He works at it. He fails. He tries again.

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Joel Puckett – For the Record by Regina Jennings

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Why? Because despite incredible pressure from everyone around him, he refuses to budge from what he knows is right. Yet he is neither arrogant nor afraid to admit when he’s wrong, and he’s open to learning from others.
Let Us Not Grow Weary

What do you think of my selections? Who are your top 5 heroes of the year thus far?

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