Returning home after two years at the Buffalo Ladies’ Seminary, Annis Jackson believes God has blessed her with the perfect homecoming: a whirlwind romance with a man she’s loved from afar during her time at school. Except the object of her affections, Hugh Hylton, is related to her father’s most bitter enemy, a man determined to see Toledo firmly in the grip of the state of Ohio and the very one funding Hugh’s newspaper venture.

After several years of newspaper work in Buffalo, New York, Hugh Hylton jumped at his uncle’s offer of financial help to start a newspaper on the opposite shore of Lake Erie. And when he discovers during the steamship voyage to his new home that the woman he’s been dreaming about for the past year, Annis Jackson, loves him back, his future seems secure. He arrives in Port Lawrence, part of the newly named town of Toledo, ready to approach her father and declare his intentions toward her.
But Annis fears Hugh doesn’t understand the depth of the personal conflict over the positioning of Ohio’s state line and persuades him to conceal their relationship until she can prepare her father to accept Hugh in spite of his family connections. Then the Michigan militia arrives in the Toledo Strip, determined to prevent Ohio elections, and the situation gets out of hand, making their secret more difficult to guard. Suddenly the future of the newspaper—and their relationship—is as unstable as the fate of Toledo itself.

Will Hugh and Annis survive their feuding families? Only time will tell.

My Thoughts

Time Will Tell is a unique read that took me to a time and place I hadn’t visited before. I had no idea there was once such contention over the position of Ohio’s state line. Visiting this hotbed of controversy through the eyes of a nineteenth-century Romeo and Juliet made for a very interesting read. While there were moments when I wanted to shake the heroine, overall I sympathized with her desire to bring both sides together. The journey through her attempts at reconciliation and the increasing tension between the two political views are what kept this story moving. At risk of sharing a spoiler, I am happy to report this hero and heroine do share the fate of the original Romeo and Juliet.

While Time Will Tell is Book 2 in the Coast-to-Coast Brides series, it is a fully standalone novella. You can see my full review of Book 1, No Small Storm, here.


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