Langley Taft is a firm believer in the narrow way. She trained to work alongside her father in their lumber dynasty and married the man of her parents’ choosing. A man who turned around and issued her a humiliating divorce. Left alone to raise her sister’s illegitimate son, she defies her family to do what she knows is right: deliver the baby to his father—even if that man is Wilder Monaghan, the irresponsible heir to a rival lumber company who lives on the other side of the country. And who happens to be the scoundrel she once fancied in her youth.

A lover of adventure, opportunity, and all things exciting, Wilder isn’t prepared for the surprise appearance of the son he thought was dead, or for the woman who shows up with her life shaded by unjust accusations but determined to help him raise his son. Parenting alongside the stringent Langley might be his most challenging adventure yet. Or his most rewarding, provided he can teach her how to have fun and in the process win her affections. But why would a studious, responsible woman like Langley Taft look twice at him, a reprobate trying to find his course back to the narrow way?

As secrets are revealed, driving a wedge between Wilder and Langley, they both must humble themselves to receive a gift they did not earn, a gift not bought with money or charm: the gift of a second chance.


Five Simple Gifts is the emotional journey of two people learning that their methods for dealing with the darkness in life aren’t working as well as they believe. In fact, their attempts to cope are hindering them from finding true joy and happiness. Not to mention there’s a stolen baby, Romeo & Juliet vibes, nasty social rumors, and an accusation that could land the heroine in jail! Then there’s the restrained romantic chemistry, laugh-out-loud banter and playfulness between these two that had me smiling until my face hurt. Although I love the hero and heroine from the start, this one took me a chapter or so to get really hooked in, but then I couldn’t put the book down. I read straight through to the end despite my husband’s dire warnings that I’d be a zombie the next day. It was too good not to finish! I adore this fifth and final book in the Love That Counts series and highly recommend it to fans of historical Christian romance that keeps you turning pages while delving into the deeper issues that speak to the heart.

Five Simple Gifts releases September 15, 2020!

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Have you read the first four books in the Love That Counts series by Sondra Kraak? Do you enjoy stories set in the mountains? Are you good at putting down page-turners or, like me, are you guilty of burning the proverbial midnight oil?

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