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Today I’m sharing the first line from Off-Script & Over-Caffeinated by Kaley Rhea and Rhonda Rhea.





Here is the first line:


Harlow folded her hands neatly on the conference table in front of her and set her posture to textbook-level pristine.






Finding the beauty of Not-Like-Me! If there’s one thing Harlow Cruise hates more than those schmaltzy Heartcast TV movies, it’s the fact that she loves those schmaltzy Heartcast TV movies. She loves them angrily. With popcorn. Pop-scorn? As if she doesn’t get enough drama in her day-to-day–directing a ministry-minded community theatre that cranks out three shows a month and trying to keep up with her aspiring screenwriter bestie, Teagan, a self-described “dramagician.” When the Heartcast Channel Movie division announces they’ll briefly be allowing submissions for new, original Christmas movies, Teagan is convinced this is her time. Roped into workshopping scenes from Teagan’s in-progress spec script, Harlow finds herself paired with an even more reluctant co-star. Jack Bentley might have the most Heartcast Original Movie name on the planet, but he is anything but formulaic. How different can two people be? It’s fine. Made-for-TV plot-points do NOT a romance make. Right? Right?







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