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I know. My title is beyond cliche, but it’s too apropos not to use. After months of research, outlining, and backstory writing, I have at last begun the first draft of my next novel. It feels so good I could almost sing that corny song aloud. (Although, I’d be stuck repeating the chorus because that’s all I can remember, but that’s beside the point.)

My new novel starts with a bang so exciting I wish I could share it with you, but alas, it would not be wise. Despite my detailed planning, I know there will be many changes and surprises along this writing journey, just as there have been with my past works, and I would not wish to either promise you what may not end up making it through the final draft, nor spoil the surprise if it does. However, whatever surprises may lie in store for me as the author, I can promise you this story will hold adventure, danger, a little humor, perhaps some heartbreak, and, of course, love. So suffice it to say, this book will not put you to sleep.

Can you feel my excitement?

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