I don’t think it’s any secret that I love history and sharing history with others, and Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity for doing exactly that. Even better are the hundreds of resources out there for making it fun. Here are just a few of my favorites:

1. A Thanksgiving History Lesson: Fun Facts for Turkey Day!  by Amanda Boyarshinov  

Contains a timeline overview of the Thanksgiving celebration and how it has changed through the years. At the end you’ll find a varied list of fun suggestions for fun ways to continue the learning.

2. Bet You Didn’t Know: Thanksgiving

This fun video is a great quick way to learn what was really on the menu at the first Thanksgiving Celebration, along with a few other lesser known facts.

3. Thanksgiving History Quiz

This quick quiz has some questions I haven’t seen elsewhere and provides little snippets of info after each answer, which is why I’m sharing it over some of the others I’ve seen.

4. Thanksgiving Interactive: Your are the Historian

In this fun, award-winning activity, you take on the role of a “history detective” to investigate what really happened at the famous 1621 celebration. (Hint: It was a lot more than just a feast!) Along the way, you will read a letter written by an eyewitness to the event, learn about Wampanoag traditions of giving thanks, and visit Pilgrim Mary Allerton’s home. As a final activity, you can design and print your own Thanksgiving exhibit panel.

5. The First Thanksgiving

Scholastic has a great interactive website chock full of information, games, and activities for people of all ages. They even have historical fiction letters.

And because Thanksgiving history isn’t all about learning, here are some other fun links I think you’ll enjoy:

6. Top 32 Easy DIY Thanksgiving Crafts Kids Can Make

What Holiday would be complete without a few crafts? As a mother of 3, I am all about the easy craft. I especially love yarn ball turkey center piece that guests can add to with feathers of thanksgiving.

7. Thanksgiving Jokes

Okay, so some of these are cringe worthy, but it’s all clean fun and you don’t have worry about offending Aunt Ida.

8. Thanksgiving Family Games

This page has a generous list of games suitable for the whole family, which are conveniently sorted by noise level and whether they can be played inside or must be played outdoors.

9. Top 30 Bible Verse for Thanksgiving

Whether you’re working on a craft, a sermon, or just wanting to do a topical study. This list of verses about giving thanks will help you get you started.

10. 4 Thanksgiving Food Pranks

For my readers with a mildly twisted sense of humor, I share this how-to video of Thanksgiving Food Pranks. Now I personally wouldn’t recommend the mashed potato prank because someone might crack a crown and there goes your celebration, BUT the rest are too hilarious not to share.

Well, that’s all folks. I hope these links add to both your understanding and enjoyment of this wonderful holiday.

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