5 of My Favorite Book Bloggers – Part 2

5 Of My Favorite Book Bloggers

Back in April I shared with you 5 of my favorite book bloggers and promised you more to come. Well, today is the day. Here are 5 more of my favorite book bloggers. Happy clicking!


Christian Shelf-Esteem

Christian Shelf Esteem is written by Amanda Geaney and her kind heart shows through in everything she shares.


The Engrafted Word

The Engrafted Word is written by Savannah Kaiser whom I “met” when we both finaled in the 2017 First Impressions contest. Over on her blog she shares book reviews and author interviews. What I think makes her blog unique is that her interviews include both published and not-yet-published authors, like me.


A Baker's Perspective

A Baker’s Perspective written by Jessica Baker. She shares a variety of different posts on her blog, including a fun series titled, “A Day in the Life.”


Cafinated Reads

Cafeinated Reads is written by Molly who also has a fun Facebook Group.


C Jane Read

C Jane Read is written by two best friends known as JaneReads and C.

As with my first post, I have more fun book bloggers to share with you, but I still think five is a good number. Too many and you won’t get to really explore these wonderful sites. So I plan to share even more of my favorite bloggers in future posts.

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Let’s chat!

Which book bloggers do you follow?


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Top 5 Heroines of 2018

Top 5 Heroines

Last summer I shared my list of the Top 5 Heroes I had read in 2017. Today I’m sharing my Top 5 Heroines of 2018. All of these women have something in common – courage and caring for others. (Listed in no particular order.)

from this moment

From This Moment – Stella West dropped her entire life and knowingly placed herself in harm’s way to discover what happened to her deceased sister.






Sons of Blackbird Mountain

Sons of Blackbird Mountain – Aven Norgaard showed incredible courage in her willingness to continue to hope despite her extremely difficult life and incredible love in her treatment of everyone around her.





An Awakened HeartAn Awakened Heart – Christine Pendleton defies social expectations in order to help those who’ve been outcast and oppressed at great personal sacrifice.






A Song UnheardA Song Unheard – Willa Forsythe is socially outcast and living a life of poverty, yet she places everything on the line – including her very life – to help someone she’s never even met.





Three Words and a KissThree Words and a Kiss – A privileged upbringing isn’t enough for this bold young woman. Samantha Klein sees incredible needs and is compelled to act, again and again, regardless of personal cost.





Let’s chat!

What do you think? Have you read any of these books? Who are your favorite heroines of 2018?



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5 of My Favorite Book Bloggers

5 Of My Favorite Book Bloggers

I am always curious who my author and reader friends are following online, so today I thought I’d share with you just 5 of my favorite book bloggers:


RimSP button

Reading Is my Superpower (Because I want to rock the book blogger world like Carrie when I grow up.)


Bookworm Mama (Because Rachel rates books with Jane Austen quotes.)


Faithfully Bookish

Faithfully Bookish (Because Beth coined “swoof”.)


Joy Of Reading

Joy of Reading (Because Trisha’s author interviews rock!)


The Christian Fiction Girl (Because she is a fellow Celebrate Lit Blogger and I love the title of her blog.)


This is just the very tip of the book blogger iceberg, but I think five is a good number to start with. I plan to share more of my favorite bloggers in future posts, so if you haven’t already signed up to follow my blog, make sure you click HERE and sign up now!

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Which book bloggers do you follow?


Check out these 5 Awesome Book Bloggers! 

7 Book Crimes – Are You Guilty?

7 Book Crimes

As a bibliophile, I admit to taking particular offense when I see a book being mistreated. In no particular order, here are seven ways to instantly get on my naughty list:

  1. Overextending and cracking book spines Overextended Spine

    Missing Pages
    When I came home from running errands one day to find my Karen Witemeyer book on the floor  . . .  let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.
  2. Folding page corners

    Dog-eared book
    I can literally list 100 better ways to keep your place in a book. I might write a blog post about them someday.
  3. Leaving your book where your pet can get to it

    Animal Chewed Book
    Puppies and books do not mix.
  4. Carelessly tossing books in a backpackBackpack Crammed Books
  5. Ripped Covers

    Ripped Cover
    A victim of backpack cruelty. This poor book never stood a chance.
  6. Food Stains – If you can’t eat and read without getting your food on the book, you’ll need to decide which is more hungry:  your stomach or your imagination. (CLICK TO TWEET)

    Food stains
    I don’t even know what this is and, frankly, I don’t want to know.
  7. Losing a loaned book – Whether you borrowed it from the library or a friend, losing a borrowed book is nothing short of a crime.Books don't fly away

Confession:  I live with three of the worst offenders and didn’t have to look beyond my own home for the first six of these examples. *sigh* (Although, to be fair, the animal-chewed book came to us that way – my son was just that desperate to read the book, he could care less what condition it was in so long as it was legible.)


7 Book Crimes – Are you guilty? (CLICK TO TWEET)

If you can’t eat and read without getting your food on the book, you’ll need to decide which is more hungry:  your stomach or your imagination. (CLICK TO TWEET)

2017 – A Blog in Review

A Blog in Review 2017

At the beginning of this new year, I think it only appropriate to take a look back at what the past year has produced.


I wrote and shared exactly 100 blog posts (not including this one).

I wrote 30 book reviews, including 3 shared exclusively with my KRC members.

I shared 4 Author Interviews.

I wrote 4 posts on American History – including 1 shared exclusively with my KRC members.

I posted my first ever vlog.

I posted my first Mama’s Storytime video with my review of two children’s books.

I shared 10 giveaways. Of those 10, I personally provided the prize for 8 of them and of those 8 giveaways, 4 were open exclusively to my KRC members.

Through those 10 giveaways, I was blessed to giveaway 16 books (7 exclusively to KRC members) along with other prizes.


My top ten most popular blog posts of this year were:

Top Ten MUST READ Historical Romance Novels for 2017

My Review & GIVEAWAY! – The Patriot & the Loyalist

Name That Book! – Win a Prize!

Summer Reading Roundup 2017 +GIVEAWAY!

My Review – A Lady In Disguise +GIVEAWAY!

First Line Friday – 11.17.17

My top ten most popular book reviews of this year were:

My Review & GIVEAWAY! – The Patriot & the Loyalist

My Review – A Lady In Disguise +GIVEAWAY!

My Review – Love at First Laugh

My Review – Such A Hope

My Review – The Thorn Healer

Rave Review! – Turtles in the Road

My Review – Heart on the Line

Mama’s Storytime – Made For A Purpose

My Review – The Scarlet Coat

My Review – Long Time Gone


I started this year with the goal of being more consistent with my blog posts and finding new ways to connect to both my readers and fellow bloggers. I am blessed to say that I have accomplished these goals.

I think most blog readers underestimate the impact their comments and likes have on the blog author.  I know I smile each and every time I see a “like” added to one of my posts and it just makes my day when someone leaves a comment. Honestly. It lets me know I’m not just writing to stroke my own ego, but actually providing something you find value in. That is, after all, the goal of all my writing:  to encourage, entertain, and inspire my readers.

Blogging can be a lonely, somewhat confusing activity, in which I put words out into the world on the hope and prayer that someone benefits from them in some way. It’s a bit like the cliche of throwing spaghetti at a wall and waiting to see which bits stick. Your likes and comments are the only concrete encouragement I have to tell me I am on the right track. So I want to take this moment to thank each and every one of you who has ever “liked” or commented on any of my posts. You are truly appreciated. 

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Whether you are a KRC member, a regular visitor to my blog, or this is your very first time here, thank you for reading and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year - Numbers Scripture Image

I’d love to read about the goals you accomplished and the milestones you crossed this past year! Please share them with me in the comments below or by emailing me at writeKathleenDenly @ gmail .com.

12 Days of Christmas – For Book Lovers!

12 Days of Christmas for Book Lovers

It isn’t quite December yet, but I’m willing to bet most of you have begun your Christmas shopping. Just in case there is a book lover in your life, here is my list of top twelve gifts for book lovers:

The Bookshelf Quilt . . .

Bookshelf Quilt Image

I’m a quilter myself, but I haven’t attempted anything like this yet. Don’t you just love it? I know I do! This amazing quilt is available at DoorBeeDesigns.

For the little ones in your life . . .

Read to me tshirt

It’s important to pass on our love for all things literary to the next generation, but it can be easy to get caught up in the rush of time. This t-shirt will help us busy parents remember to pause and read to our little ones. It’s available at FlorHildaDesigns.

For those who appreciate the benefits of going digital but miss the look of paper books . . .

Kindle Book Covers

My poor Kindle has been dropped more times than I can count and is in desperate need of a protective cover. These beautiful Kindle Covers are available at KleverCase.

Because this is SO much nicer to look at than a boring plastic desk organizer . . .

Books Pencil Organizer

I have so many pens, highlighters, and pencils! Right now they are all standing in this sad little purple plastic divided squarish thing on my desk. *sigh* Just think what a smile this would bring to your beloved bibliophile every time she/he reached for a pen? (It also looks handy for holding unused bookmarks . . . assuming there is such a thing.) There are a couple different versions of this holder available on Amazon.

For your crafty book lover . . .

Book Washi Tape

I have no idea what I would use this for, but I am POSITIVE I could come up with something!  It just makes me smile. 🙂 Available on Amazon.

Appreciating the convenience of an ereader, doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our first love . . .

Antique Books

If this candle truly smells like antique books, I’m going to need a year’s supply. 😉 Available at WertherAndGray, the candle has fantastic reviews.

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For those who need to bring their library with them, or those who like to bring the library home . . .

not hoarding if it's books bag

You know it’s true! This bag is available at MinnieandMaude.

We’ve said it many times, but now we can just hold this up and keep our eyes on the page . . .

Just one more chapter necklace

So the laundry needs changing, the dishes need washing, and the pharmacy is closing in an hour. Don’t worry, we’ll get to it . . . after just one more chapter. 😉 This necklace is available at PaperHeartDaily.

Might as well put the confession in writing at this point . . .

Read past my bedtime necklace

Overslept, bloodshot eyes, begging to nap at three in the afternoon . . . the signs are all there. This necklace will save us from having to explain them. Like the necklace above, this one is available at PaperHeartDaily.

Because what could make a book lover smile more than favorite book memories available at a glance?

Favorite Books Bracelet

RuckusPop will make any book lover their very own custom bracelet featuring their favorite books! (I am happy squealing here!) I happen to think this is just the best idea ever!

To go with the necklaces and because it’s true . . .

So Many Books earrings

I definitely need a pair of these. You can find them at GirlPowerPendants.

This last one should go without saying, but just in case . . .

Meme - Say it again I bought you books

Yes, that’s right. We have a stack of unread books taller than the Statue of Liberty, but we still adore receiving more! (If you are concerned, please refer back to gift idea number seven.) If you need suggestions as to which books to buy, may I suggest you peruse my reviews?

I honestly hope this list has been helpful for someone, but if you think this post is just a thinly veiled attempt to help my husband with his Christmas shopping . . . you wouldn’t be wrong. 😉 (Not that he doesn’t do just fine on his own.)

What do you think of my list? Anything making you drool? Have suggestions for adding to it? Let me know in the comments below!


What I Want For Christmas! #bookworm #books

A Book Lover’s Christmas Wishlist!

12 Days of Christmas for Book Lovers!


Best Places to Read a Book

Sometimes you read in a chair, sometimes in bed, but what about all those other places you could be reading? Allow me to suggest some reading locations you may not have tried (or at least haven’t tried in a very long time):

#5 Hammock

Okay, sure, plenty of people have read in hammocks, but have you ever read in a hammock swinging above pure inspiration? I read in such a hammock once upon a time. When I was very young my parents had a hammock strung up between two porch-cover posts. Beneath the hammock was a small garden bed populated by the cutest little frog and gnome statues you have ever seen. I know, it sounds tacky, but trust me, it was adorable. And you should have read the stories it inspired in my young mind. Who knows? Perhaps it was that set of kissing frogs that first kindled my love for romance.


#4 Blanket fort

I know. Most of us grown ups are simply too busy to build our own blanket fort. (Although if you can, you should. I’m of the firm opinion that most adults don’t get nearly enough play time.) However, if you are blessed enough to have little halflings running about your home you may have noticed their tendency to spend hours building these temporary structures only to abandon them after minimal use. (It may even be acceptable to offer digital bait to entice them from their layer – that’s your call.) This is your moment. When the halflings have wandered off to destroy – er play somewhere else, you sneak in with your book and flashlight (or e-reader), close the blanket-door behind you and delve into another world.


#3 On a swing at the beach

This one is really a two-fer.

You could just read on a swing. Can you imagine reading about a space battle or jet fight while swinging through the sky?

You could also just read at the beach. What better way to immerse yourself in that tropical island romance than while sinking your toes in the warm sand?

But one of the best places I have found to read is on a swing at the beach. Specifically near dusk when everyone else has mostly gone home for the day. It’s quiet. The waves are crashing. And you’re soaring. Back and forth through the deepening blue sky. As you read how a new love makes the heroine feel as though she were floating.


#2 On top of a mountain

This is another throwback to when I was young. My dad was working graveyard at the electrical company and my mom was juggling swing shifts at the local hospital on her way to an RN degree. Family time was tough to come by, but my parents did their best. This time, they knocked it out of the park. We lived in a very urban setting, but there was a hill behind our neighborhood, as yet untouched by development and covered in hiking trails. One day my parents took us hiking up that mountain. We were young, so I don’t know how far we actually traveled, but it felt like we walked all day. It was several hours at least. The highlight of our hike? Our glowing reward for all that stomping up dirt? Our own little Bible study and worship session right there at the top of the mountain. Three-hundred sixty degree views of the city below us, blue skies above, nature all around, my family, and God’s Word. It’s something I’ll never forget.


#1 Historical Site/Treasure

Hello. I write historical romance. You probably saw this one coming, but can you argue my point? Picture yourself reading a Civil War era novel on the fields of Gettysburg, a railroad heist novel on a restored steam engine (moving or stationary – it’s up to you), or better yet, reading my WWM novel on a bench in the middle of Old Town San Diego. What better way to make a story come to life?


Well, those are 5 of my favorite places to read. What about you?

Have any secret spots you care to share?


Where do you read? 5 New Places to Try!