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If you missed last week’s post, it’s not too late to play for fun! However, the deadline for entering to win has now closed and today I am sharing the answers and announcing the winners!

First, the answers!


Mystery Book #1

This book deals with racial issues present in 1875 Colorado Territory.  The primary themes are accepting forgiveness and learning to adjust when your dreams don’t turn out to be what you imagined they were.

ANSWER:  From a Distance by Tamera Alexander

Mystery Book #2

The way the author of this book grows the heroine from a self-absorbed, social-ladder-climbing, destructively selfish young woman, into an others-focused, humbly grateful, aid-to-the-poor-and-downtrodden, generous young woman, is something to be truly admired.

ANSWER:  The Thorn Keeper by Pepper D. Basham

Mystery Book #3

This book questions the definition of strength and courage. My favorite part of this book has to be the women. Man, I love these women! I just want to be their friends. And more importantly, I want them on my side in a fight!

ANSWER:  Long Time Gone by Mary Connealy 

Mystery Book #4

This novel dares to include sensitive topics which other books rarely include. It does so in a way that is not at all preachy, but instead feels very personal and real to the hero and heroine of this story. This book asks the reader to define true community and addresses faith in the face of tragedy and suffering, as well as the struggles of discerning God’s purpose for our lives.

ANSWER:  Such A Hope by Sondra Kraak

Mystery Book #5

While reading the first chapter of this book, I felt like a fish on a line being reeled in. And it just kept going. I did not want to put this book down. Instead of viewing the Revolutionary War from the distant, almost omniscient and impersonal perspective we were taught in school, this story takes us into the home and personal lives of just one family.

ANSWER:  The Scarlet Coat by Angela K. Couch

Mystery Book #6

This book is the third book in a series and features one of my Top 5 Heroes! The primary themes are prejudice, forgiveness, and the cost of hate.

ANSWER:  The Thorn Healer by Pepper D. Basham

Mystery Book #7

This book features quotes from Pygmalion.

ANSWER:  Twist of Faith by Pepper D. Basham

Mystery Book #8

This book is set in a women’s colony and features an atypical hero (also one of my Top 5 Heroes).

ANSWER:  Heart on the Line by Karen Witemeyer

Mystery Book #9

This book’s hero is a young Chippewa widow.

ANSWER:  Under a Blackberry Moon by Serena B. Miller

Mystery Book #10

This book featured everyone from a popular fairy artist to a retired missionary.

ANSWER:  Love at First Laugh – Eight Romantic Novellas Filled with Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After by Krista Phillips, Pepper Basham, Christina Coryell, Heather Gray, Elizabeth Maddrey, Jessica Patch, Laurie Tomlinson, & Marion Ueckermann

And the winners are

Winner #1: JoyOfReadingWeb

Winner #2: PhotoJulia

Winner #3: NickiBishop


How did you do? Did you enjoy this game? Did you win a prize?

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