My Works

My Works

Are you wondering what kind of novels I write?

In general, I write historical Christian romance novels typically set in America in the nineteenth century.

Specifically, I have written one novel set in 1854 California which follows a young woman searching for her missing father.  This novel tied for second place in the 2017 Badge of Honor Contest and won the 2017 American Christian First Writers First Impressions Contest in the category of historical romance. I have two books mapped out to follow that one which will be set in 1858 and 1865, turning secondary characters into main characters, and bringing to life actual historical events.

I am also working on a novel inspired by the gold rush era of Julian, California (1870) which would be the first in a series featuring San Diego County historical events.

You’ll notice I have not mentioned any titles here. There are two reasons for this:  First, some contests require that I not mention my titles online in order to preserve the anonymity of the author during the judging process. Second, titles are often changed by the publishing house which purchases it. So to keep things simple, I try not to refer to my books by title. When I must, I use initials to stand in for their working titles. (Any title not officially approved by the publishing house is considered a “working title.”)

Are you wondering where you can buy my books?

Updated: 7/19/19

Sadly, you can’t. Not yet. But you will soon be able to!!! I recently signed a 3-book publishing contract with Wild Heart Books and am eagerly looking forward to releasing my debut novel, Waltz in the Wilderness! (Release date TBD.)

For the latest updates on where I am in my publishing journey (along with lots of other fun info & FREEBIES) be sure to sign up for my Kathleen’s Readers’ Club!

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