Bestselling novelist Tracie Peterson joins Karen Witemeyer, Regina Jennings, and Jen Turano in this collection of four novellas, each featuring a Harvey Girl heroine. From Kansas to Texas, the Grand Canyon to New Mexico, the stories cross the country with tales of sweet romance and entertaining history.

In Karen Witemeyer’s “More Than a Pretty Face,” a young woman works her hardest to escape poor choices from her youth.

Tracie Peterson offers “A Flood of Love,” where reuniting with an old flame after more than a decade offers unexpected results.

Regina Jennings’s “Intrigue a la Mode” delights with a tale of a young woman determined to help support her family, despite warnings of danger nearby.

And Jen Turano’s “Grand Encounters” heads to the Grand Canyon with a tale of a society belle intent on finding a new life for herself.


Honestly, when I first learned about this novella collection, I clicked purchase based on the author names alone. These are four of my all time favorite authors and they did not disappoint me with this lovely collection of novellas. I’m sure most of us remember a time when Harvey Girls were on just about every Christian romance novel, but that was several years ago. I am happy to tell you, that these women brought us new twists on an old favorite. Not one moment of these stories was boring or gave me the feeling of been here, read that. While keeping the healthy dose of nostalgia this trope deserves, these authors turned out stories entirely their own. If you’ve read and enjoyed anything these women have written, you’ll recognize that they each have a signature way of writing which comes through in the novellas in this collection. That’s not easy to do in so few words! My only complaint is that these stories, while fully complete within themselves, successfully teased spinoff stories which I want to read NOW, not in a few months when they finally release. So if you’re looking for a dollop of humor, a cup of adventure, and a whole pound of romance, but you aren’t ready to commit to a full length novel, I highly recommend this collection.


Are you a fan of these four authors? Are there any you haven’t read yet? Do you prefer novellas or novels? Let me know in the comments below!

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Note: I purchased my own copy of this book and was under no obligation to review it at all. You may read my full disclosure of materials HERE.

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