Kathleen’s TBR

So many books So little time

I am trying something new this year. In an attempt to actually follow through on a Reading Challenge (read about the hopelessness of that HERE) and to not let those books which I have been meaning to read get forgotten, I have decided to publicly share my To Be Read List.  What you will find below are lists of:

  • Christian fiction novels I intend to read this year.
  • Nonfiction books I intend to read this year.
  • Books I intend to read at some point in the future.

I am certain there are more that I saw on book blogger pages that I wanted to read but forgot to write down, so if you happen to remember seeing me say I wanted to read something that isn’t on my list, please remind me!

Please, please, join me on this journey in attempting to follow through on my own reading goals by leaving your comments below! I want to know:

  • what your reading goals are,
  • how you are succeeding or failing at them,
  • what books you think I need to add to my list,
  • and which of the books that I have listed you would like to see me review.

Lists are ordered first by category, then by month to be read, then alphabetically by author’s last name.


(NTM) = New To Me = This will be my first title by this author.

(CL) = Celebrate Lit Tour/Review Blast Selection

* (asterisks) note books chosen to coincide with the 2018 Author of the Month Reading Challenge (Read more HERE.)

If the book releases this year, the date is noted.

Title (#/#) = I finished this one on this date.

REVIEW ##/##/## = Date my review went/will go live on my blog.

DNF = Did Not Finish

Christian Fiction Novels To Be Read in 2018













Release date unknown:  Pepper D. Basham Next Door and Forevermore 


Nonfiction Books To Be Read in 2018

NOTE:  These titles only include those books which I intend to read cover to cover (or listen to start to finish) and do not include the innumerable books I read in part or in whole for research purposes. You’ll also notice that many of them are Audible versions. This is because – outside of the research I do for my stories – I typically find nonfiction easier to fit into my schedule when I listen to it.

Books I Intend to Read at Some Point in the Future (because my husband says I have to sleep occasionally)

Christian Fiction

  • Leah AtwoodFire and Ice 
  • Leah AtwoodWinds of Change
  • Leah AtwoodWhiter than Snow
  • Leah AtwoodDancing on Dew
  • Johnnie AlexanderWhat Hope Remembers (NTM)
  • Misty M Beller – This Wilderness Journey
  • Misty M Beller – A Rocky Mountain Romance
  • Misty M Beller – The Lady and the Mountain Fire
  • Misty M Beller – The Lady and the Mountain Promise
  • Misty M Beller – The Lady and the Mountain Call
  • Misty M Beller – The Rancher Takes a Cook
  • Misty M Beller – The Ranger Takes a Bride
  • Misty M Beller – The Rancher Takes a Cowgirl
  • Sarah M. Eden, Annette Lyon, and Heather B. Moore – A Night in Grosvenor Square (Novella Collection) (NTM)
  • Jessica Day George, Julie Wright, Sarah M. Eden, Julie Daines, Heather B. Moore, Annette Lyon – Happily Ever After: Six Fairytale Romances (Novella Collection) (NTM)
  • Michelle GriepThe Captive Heart
  • Michelle Griep, Susanne Dietze, Anne Love, Gabrielle Meyer, Natalie Monk, Jennifer Uhlarik, Erica Vetsch, Jaime Jo Wright, Kathleen Y’Barbo – Of Rags and Riches Romance Collection (Novellas) (NTM)
  • Cathy Marie HakeSerendipity
  • Robin Lee Hatcher – A Letter to the Editor (NTM)
  • Rachel HauckA Brush with Love (Novella)
  • Maureen Lang, Cynthia Hickey, Barbara Tifft Blakey, Mary Davis, Darlene Franklin, Debby Lee, Donna Schlachter, Connie Stevens, & Pegg Thomas – The Pony Express Romance Collection (Novellas) (NTM)
  • Maureen LangWhisper on the Wind (NTM)
  • Carla Laureano – The Saturday Night Supper Club (NTM)
  • Loree Lough – Currency of the Heart (NTM)
  • Loree Lough – Guardians of the Heart
  • Loree Lough – Healing of the Heart 
  • Carolyn Miller – The Captivating Lady (NTM)
  • Jennifer RodewaldThe Cupcake Dilemma (NTM)
  • Missy Tippens, Cheryl Wyatt, Kristen Ethridge, & Jessica Keller – Back to You (Novella Collection) (NTM)

General Market (but to the best of my knowledge, sweet/clean)

General Market (but to the best of my knowledge, sweet/clean)

2 thoughts on “Kathleen’s TBR

  1. Update 2/3/2018 – As you can see from the dates above, I did manage to not only read all the books I had scheduled for January, but also to read one of February’s books in January. However, due to many upcoming writing deadlines, I am already having my doubts about meeting my reading goals for February, despite my head start. We shall see, I suppose.

    How many books did you read in January?


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