Is fiction biblically acceptable?

This may seem like a silly question in light of the hundreds of thousands of books sold every year under the subcategory “Christian Fiction.” Yet I still come across those who would argue that writing and even reading fiction is wrong from a biblical standpoint.

There are many varying degrees of latitude among these critics. Some will make allowances for those stories which are blatant allegories in the mode of Jesus’s parables. Some will go so far as to make exceptions for those stories with a clear gospel call worked into the plot (i.e. the main character begins the story as an unbeliever, but through the course of the story becomes a believer and the reader is not-so-subtly exhorted to accept Jesus as Lord in the process). Others will accept anything that at least mentions God and features Christian characters, but then turn their nose up at anything they would view as “secular fiction.” A few will even maintain that anything other than indisputable, nonfiction fact is wrong.

I’ve personally met members of each of these camps and those who fall somewhere in between. A recent encounter with one such person led me to feel the need to post on the subject, but before I did I wanted to see what others had written on the subject. In my search I discovered that another has already perfectly expressed my thoughts for me. So, today I am sharing a link to what they have already written:

When you have finished reading their post, I would love to hear from you.

What are your thoughts on Christian fiction? Which camp are you in?

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