12 Days of Christmas for Book Lovers +SPECIAL OFFER!

12 Days of Christmas for Book Lovers - 2018

If there’s an avid reader on your gift-giving list this year, you’ve come to the right place! Today I’m sharing 12 days of unique gift ideas for those whose passion is in the written word. PLUS I’m sharing a SPECIAL OFFER! Keep reading for more details!

You will notice two obvious gaps in this list:  books and bookmarks. Yes, those are great gifts for book lovers, but they are so beyond obvious, it didn’t seem necessary to add them to the list when there were other, less obvious ideas wanting a spot there. So I left them off.

Since these items are from many different shops, I’ve provided links to purchase each item and with prices ranging from under $3 to over $700 there is sure to be something in your price range. (BTW: None of these are affiliate links.)

Note: Always check pricing before finalizing a purchase. Prices listed were current as of this writing but are subject to change. Today is Cyber Monday, so several of these items are discounted TODAY ONLY! An asterisk (*) indicates a discount was being offered at the time of this writing. Prices below do not reflect Cyber Monday pricing. See shop for discounted pricing.


Literary Book Gifts has generously provided a discount code just for my readers!!! Use code:  KATHLEENDENLY20 to receive 20% off anything in the store, no minimum, and can be used unlimited times

Happy shopping!

(Click on photos to visit listing pages.)

Day 1

Bookish Jewelry

Bookish Key Ring
So Many Books So Little Time Key Ring by The Pendant Emporium $10
Butterfly Book Page Earrings
Origami Butterfly Earrings by The Paper Circus Shop $10.62
Mr Darcy Cuff Bracelet
Jane Austen Fabric Cuff Bracelet by DSP Davey $32
Many Lives Bookish Pendant
I Read Books Necklace by Unicorn Culture $12.95
Go Away I'm Reading Pendant
Go Away I’m Reading Necklace by Belle Regalia $25.43
Flower Book Ring
Flower Book Ring by Epik Creations $15
Bookish Badge Pins
Book Lover Badges/Pins by A Rose Cast $3.98*
Got Books Charm Bracelet
Got Books Charm Bracelet by A Likely Story $39.95
Book Nerd Leather Bracelet
Book Nerd Leather Bracelet by Laurel Denise $24.00*

Day 2

Bookish Perfumes

Jane Austen Library Perfume
Jane Austen Library Perfume by Wicked Good Perfume $6.99
Jane Austen Perfume Collection
Limited Edition: Jane Austen Perfume Collection by Little Bits $85*

Day 3

Teas & Mugs

Literary Teas Gift Set
A Collection of  Literary Classic Love Stories – Teas by Literary Tea Company $2.99
Novel Teas
Novel Teas – English Breakfast Tea Set (with literary quotes from the world over) by Bag Ladies Tea $13.50
I had a lot of things I was going to do Mug
I Had A Lot of Things I was “Going” to Do Then I Picked Up a Book Mug by Hey Shabby Me $18.99
Go Away I'm Reading Mug
Go Away I’m Reading Mug by Mirkwood Scribes $16.50
Just One More Chapter
Just One More Chapter Mug by Tiny Zen Co $15.87*
Many Lives Bookish Mug
I Read Books Not Because I Don’t Have a Life But Because I Choose to Have Many Mug by Hippo and Kelpie $12.90
Obstinate Headstrong Girl Mug
Obstinate Headstrong Girl Mug by Ivory Paige $16.99

Day 4


Bookworm Clock
Book Lover Clock by Vinyl Shop US $34.99
It's Never a Bad Time To Read A Good Book Clock
Engraved Book Clock “It’s Never A Bad Time To Read A Good Book” by DesignsbyPhil.com $40
Pride & Prejudice Clock
Pride and Prejudice Book Clock by My Booklandia $50.00
A Christmas Carol Clock
A Christmas Carol Clock by Literary Art Designs $30

Day 5

Greeting Cards & Book Stamps & Bookplates

Austen Book Plate
Bonnets and Bows Adhesive Bookplates by From The Library of $20
Book Plate Stamp - Read Love Return
Read It, Love It, Return It Personalized Library Book Stamp by Fall For Design $26.99
Embossing Book Plate
Custom Seal Embosser Bookplate Stamp by Red Cloud Studio $31.25*
Literary Greeting Cards
Bookish Greeting Cards Multipack by A Rose Cast $5.31*
Self-Inking Book Stamp
Literary Book Stamp – Self Inking by Rubber Stamp Press $25*

Day 6

Book Flowers & Wall Art & Ornaments

Book Page Ornaments
Sphere small – Book Art hanging Ornament by Paper Statement $19.43*
Book Rose
Book Page Paper Flower by Rachel Emma Studio $15.92
Winnie the Pooh Book Flowers
Book Paper Flowers – Winnie the Pooh by Literary Blooms $18*
Louisa May Alcott Wall Art
Louisa May Alcott Little Women Literary Quote Art Print by A Rose Cast $6.64*
Books Wall Art
Book Lovers Alphabet Photography Sign by Simpson Hill Designs $11.99*

Day 7


I declare Jane Austen Pillow
Jane Austen Pillow by The Pillow Geek $22.95
Just One More Chapter Pillow
Just One More Chapter Pillow by Tiny Zen Co $26.40*

Day 8

Bookish Gift Sets

Bookish Gift Set 1
Book Lover Bundle by Storytale Decor $46.48*

Day 9

Hats, Scarves, Socks & T-Shirts

Bring me a book Socks
Funny Socks by Totes Burlap $16.99*
Gray Read Beanie with Puff Ball
Customized Bookish Hat with pom pom by Booklover Pullover
Red Book Lover Beanie Hat
Custom Book Lover Hat by Booklover Pullover
Jane Eyre Scarf
Jane Eyre Shawl by Universal Zone $39
Pride & Prejudice Scarf
Pride and Prejudice Scarf by Universal Zone $39
Pride & Prejudice Butterfly Scarf
Pride & Prejudice Scarf by Enjoy The Traffic $45
Alice in Wonderland T-shirt
Alice in Wonderland Women’s T-Shirt (avail. in multiple colors) by Literary Book Gifts USE CODE: KATHLEENDENLY20 to receive 20% off anything in the store, no minimum, and can be used unlimited times
Jane Austen T-Shirt
Pride and Prejudice Women’s T-shirt (avail. in multiple colors) by Literary Book Gifts USE CODE: KATHLEENDENLY20 to receive 20% off anything in the store, no minimum, and can be used unlimited times

Day 10

Purses & Tote Bags

Emily Dickinson Tote Bag
Emily Dickinson Tote Bag by Literary Book Gifts USE CODE: KATHLEENDENLY20 to receive 20% off anything in the store, no minimum, and can be used unlimited times
Pride & Prejudice Tote Bag
Pride & Prejudice Tote Bag by Literary Book Gifts USE CODE: KATHLEENDENLY20 to receive 20% off anything in the store, no minimum, and can be used unlimited times
Library Tote Bag
Book Lover Tote Bag by Bookish Stuff $22*
Pride & Prejudice Purse
Pride and Prejudice Literary Handbag “You have bewitched me body and soul. ~Mr. Darcy~” by Enjoy The Traffic $72

Day 11

Junk Journals & Altered Book Journals (handmade)

Altered Book Journal
Vintage Shabby Altered Book Journal by SnS Dragonfly $35
Dream Junk Journal
Altered Book Journal “Dream” by Rosehart Studio $39.84
Fabric Bible Themed Junk Journal
Cherish Bible Journaling Collection Junk Journal by Pleasant Creations Co. $179.99
Junk Journal Green
Junk Journal by Christy Sich Designs $86.75*
Mini Junk Journal
Mini Junk Journal (3 3/4 x 5 1/4 inches) by Breezy Blessings Co $18.50
Rose Altered Book Journal
Handmade “altered book” Journal by Rethink Paper $31.87*

Day 12

Book Sculptures

The Tree of Love Book Art
The Tree of Love – Book Art by Malena Valcarcel $765.25
Where the Wild Things Are Book Art
Where The Wild Things Are – Book Art by Malena Valcarcel $523.90
Treasure Island Book Art Greeting Card
Treasure Island Greeting Card (printed with image of an altered book sculpture) – by Days Fall Like Leaves $2.66
Jane Austen Book Sculpture
Pride & Prejudice book sculpture by Days Fall Like Leaves $398.41
Jane Austen Book Sculpture Greeting Card
Pride and Prejudice Greeting Card (printed with image of an altered book sculpture) by Days Fall Like Leaves $2.66


Don’t forget the SPECIAL OFFER from Literary Book Gifts!!!

Literary Book Gifts has generously provided a discount code just for my readers!!!


to receive 20% off anything in the store, no minimum, and can be used unlimited times


And in case you were wondering: No, I am not affiliated with Literary Book Gifts or any of the shops listed above. I simply love bookish gifts and great deals.

Don’t forget to share this list with all your bookish friends and those who may be shopping for your gifts this holiday season! 


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Why We Buy the Books We Do

Why We Buy The Books We Do

There are millions (billions?) of books out there waiting for us to buy and read them. So why do we buy the books that we do? What makes us choose a particular book and bring it home with us or load it onto our ereader?

Well, let’s start with the two most obvious reasons:

  1. There are those books whose authors who we know and love. Whatever they write, we’re going to buy. It’s just that simple.
  2. Then there are the sequels to that first book in a series. Maybe we knew what we were getting into or maybe we didn’t realize that great premise was just the start of a longer story. Either way, we’re hooked now and must buy the next book to see where this story goes.

Beyond this, however, things get a bit more complicated. We all have a limited book budget (of both time & money) and with so much of our budget already allocated to the two categories above, what helps a book gain a portion of our remaining budget? I have my suspicions, but I thought I’d do a little anecdotal research and take a look back at five of my most recent impulse purchases to consider what persuaded me to make them. To keep things simple, I’m restricting this to my fiction choices (since the reasons for purchasing nonfiction are so different) and only those books which I have not read before (so an audio version of a book I’ve read previously doesn’t count).


Justice by Emily Conrad – I read the first line and premise on Iola Goulton’s blog as part of our First Line Friday fun. The premise reminded me of the biblical story of Mary and Joseph (minus the immaculate conception, of course). It intrigued me and was on sale, so I immediately purchased it.

The Determined GroomThe Determined Groom by Cami Checketts – This novel was recommended to me in a newsletter written by an author I enjoy and who writes in the same genre (Lucy McConnell). I don’t currently have many unread titles like this on my kindle, plus it was on sale for $0.99. So I clicked through to buy it.

The Hope of Azure Springs

The Hope of Azure Springs by Rachel Fordham – I was searching the internet for authors in my genre who’d worked with a particular publisher when I came across a blog post Rachel had written about the design of her cover. As soon as I read the premise, I knew I wanted to read her novel. (I’m a sucker for orphans and nineteenth-century America.)

Be Still My Heart

Be Still, My Heart – This is a novella collection I purchased in a few months ago. To be honest, I don’t completely remember how I found this book, but I *think* I saw a link on Twitter. What I do remember is that it was a set of 7 Christian romance novellas being offered for FREE with all new-to-me authors. A no-brainer, really. I love discovering new authors and a novella doesn’t take up too much of my reading time budget.

The Story Peddler

The Story Peddler by Lindsay A. Franklin – Okay, yes, if you watched my Facebook Live video from the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference this year, you know that I have met Linsday. However, I had added her book to my TBR long before that because I’d seen its gorgeous cover all over the book blogosphere and was further drawn in by its premise. The idea of stories as tangible things was fascinating to me. Throw in a romance and I was sold.

So there you have them, five different books and five different reasons behind my purchases.

What about you? Which books have you purchased lately that weren’t part of a series you’d already started or by an author you already know and love? What motivated you to purchase them? Have you read them? How did it work out? 

Let’s chat books in the comments below!


5 Books, 5 Reasons – Why we buy the books we do. 




12 Days of Christmas – For Book Lovers!

12 Days of Christmas for Book Lovers

It isn’t quite December yet, but I’m willing to bet most of you have begun your Christmas shopping. Just in case there is a book lover in your life, here is my list of top twelve gifts for book lovers:

The Bookshelf Quilt . . .

Bookshelf Quilt Image

I’m a quilter myself, but I haven’t attempted anything like this yet. Don’t you just love it? I know I do! This amazing quilt is available at DoorBeeDesigns.

For the little ones in your life . . .

Read to me tshirt

It’s important to pass on our love for all things literary to the next generation, but it can be easy to get caught up in the rush of time. This t-shirt will help us busy parents remember to pause and read to our little ones. It’s available at FlorHildaDesigns.

For those who appreciate the benefits of going digital but miss the look of paper books . . .

Kindle Book Covers

My poor Kindle has been dropped more times than I can count and is in desperate need of a protective cover. These beautiful Kindle Covers are available at KleverCase.

Because this is SO much nicer to look at than a boring plastic desk organizer . . .

Books Pencil Organizer

I have so many pens, highlighters, and pencils! Right now they are all standing in this sad little purple plastic divided squarish thing on my desk. *sigh* Just think what a smile this would bring to your beloved bibliophile every time she/he reached for a pen? (It also looks handy for holding unused bookmarks . . . assuming there is such a thing.) There are a couple different versions of this holder available on Amazon.

For your crafty book lover . . .

Book Washi Tape

I have no idea what I would use this for, but I am POSITIVE I could come up with something!  It just makes me smile. 🙂 Available on Amazon.

Appreciating the convenience of an ereader, doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our first love . . .

Antique Books

If this candle truly smells like antique books, I’m going to need a year’s supply. 😉 Available at WertherAndGray, the candle has fantastic reviews.

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For those who need to bring their library with them, or those who like to bring the library home . . .

not hoarding if it's books bag

You know it’s true! This bag is available at MinnieandMaude.

We’ve said it many times, but now we can just hold this up and keep our eyes on the page . . .

Just one more chapter necklace

So the laundry needs changing, the dishes need washing, and the pharmacy is closing in an hour. Don’t worry, we’ll get to it . . . after just one more chapter. 😉 This necklace is available at PaperHeartDaily.

Might as well put the confession in writing at this point . . .

Read past my bedtime necklace

Overslept, bloodshot eyes, begging to nap at three in the afternoon . . . the signs are all there. This necklace will save us from having to explain them. Like the necklace above, this one is available at PaperHeartDaily.

Because what could make a book lover smile more than favorite book memories available at a glance?

Favorite Books Bracelet

RuckusPop will make any book lover their very own custom bracelet featuring their favorite books! (I am happy squealing here!) I happen to think this is just the best idea ever!

To go with the necklaces and because it’s true . . .

So Many Books earrings

I definitely need a pair of these. You can find them at GirlPowerPendants.

This last one should go without saying, but just in case . . .

Meme - Say it again I bought you books

Yes, that’s right. We have a stack of unread books taller than the Statue of Liberty, but we still adore receiving more! (If you are concerned, please refer back to gift idea number seven.) If you need suggestions as to which books to buy, may I suggest you peruse my reviews?

I honestly hope this list has been helpful for someone, but if you think this post is just a thinly veiled attempt to help my husband with his Christmas shopping . . . you wouldn’t be wrong. 😉 (Not that he doesn’t do just fine on his own.)

What do you think of my list? Anything making you drool? Have suggestions for adding to it? Let me know in the comments below!


What I Want For Christmas! #bookworm #books

A Book Lover’s Christmas Wishlist!

12 Days of Christmas for Book Lovers!


My Fiction Fantasy Vacation

Earlier this year, Carrie shared her Bookish Places Bucket List over at Reading Is My Superpower, and it got me to thinking of all the book-related places I’ve dreamed of visiting. So I asked myself,  “If money grew on trees and I could spend one year visiting any and as many of those places as I like, where would I go?” The result was my fiction fantasy vacation:


First stop would have to be Prince Edward Island since I’ve been dreaming of visiting L.M. Montgomery’s Green Gables since I was a little girl.

Fun Fact - First born daughter

Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice raved so beautifully of the countryside in Derbyshire it would seem almost sinful not to include it in my fiction fantasy vacation. From Chatsworth to Stanage Edge, there is much to see and do in this beautiful part of England

Pride and Prejudice Stanage Edge
Photo from PeriodDramas.com

It may be cliche, but some of my favorite historical romances have taken place along the Oregon Trail. Therefore, I would love the opportunity to retrace or reenact the experience of those brave pioneers (not forgetting the tragedies that went along with this westward expansion). In a perfect world, I could travel back in time and actually join a wagon train for the entire length of the journey – bringing with me my modern medicines and a magical helicopter that could instantly transport me to a very modern hospital in the case of emergency, of course. Barring that, I’d love to do something like the tour outlined here and then take part in a reenactment such as this one.


After my last pick, it will hardly come as a surprise that I also enjoy a well-written cowboy romance. So of course, my fantasy vacation needs to include the closest thing this city girl can get to actual ranching experience:  a dude ranch! Only I’m just crazy enough not to want to simply hang out at a ranch and maybe ride a horse or two. I actually want to muck stalls, drive cattle, groom horses and maybe even learn to lasso. That’s easy, right? Well, whatever the case, I figure one of the top 50 working ranch vacation places listed HERE ought to suit my fancy. 🙂

Those horns are soft, right?

I’ll probably be all tuckered out after my stay at the ranch. What better way to recharge than a nice long train ride? Yep. I like a good train romance, too. Although I don’t think it is possible to get the full ash-in-your-face, week-long-travel-on-a-hard-wooden-bench experience, these days, I would like to experience traveling from New York to San Francisco by rail. And perhaps while I’m riding, I’ll travel back in time by reading the “first-person” contemporary accounts available HERE.


Then, to round off my vacation, I’ll test my seafaring skills by learning to crew a gold-rush era replica schooner off the coast of my hometown, San Diego.


What do you think? Would you enjoy coming along on my fantasy fiction vacation? What would your fantasy fiction vacation include?


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