Fact #13

Rancho Santa Maria de Los Peñasquitos was a 8,486-acre Mexican land grant in present-day southwestern San Diego County, California. In 1823 it was given to Francisco María Ruiz. Having never married, Ruiz gave the Los Penasquitos Rancho to his grand nephew, Alvarado, in 1837. The western end of Los Penasquitos Canyon known as El Cuervo had become part of the rancho 3 years prior. It is in this end of the canyon that you will find the El Cuervo Adobe ruins. It is supposed that this home was built by Alvarado’s son, Diego. Cattle of decades past, weather, and time have all served to damage and degrade the building to it’s current state. However, as you can see, efforts are being made to halt the deterioration of the building. A roof has been built to protect it from the rain and a fence has been erected around the site to prevent both intentional and unintentional damage. Still, park staff say more needs to be done to protect it from the flood waters which rise from the canyon’s river each season. 


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