First Line Friday – 03.08.19

first-line-friday-3Hey Everyone! It’s First Line Friday. So grab a book near you and share the first line in the comments below!

Today I’m sharing the first line from Entanglements by Rachel McMillan. It is McMillan’s contribution to the Finding Ever After novella collection which I am currently reading. Unless my memory fails me, this is my first story by Rachel McMillan and although the writing style is unique, so far I am enjoying it very much.



Here are the first lines:

Boston, 1920

Once upon a time, Father Francisco told Nic Ricci that to find math in music he merely had to look to Mozart.


Nic Ricci is a North End piano tuner and part time math tutor who wants nothing more than to compose; but there are few pennies to be found and an ailing father whose work life was terminated by an factory injury to support.

When a well-paying opportunity arises as a rehearsal pianist for a wealthy heiress giving a recital at the Boston Conservatory, Nic grabs at the chance. He does not, however, anticipate a beautiful, intelligent woman frustratingly accompanied by a chaperone and promised to a brute of a fiance.

Esther Hunisett is trapped by her father’s poor business decisions, her dowry and future attached to a man who will save her family’s estate. With little to barter before her life is signed away to a man she does not love, she exacts a promise so she can perform one last time at a recital of all of her favourite pieces before he spirits her from the city she loves and locks her away in his sprawling upstate manor.

When Nic learns of Esther’s entrapment, he promises to help her find an escape route — and together they plan a strategy as intricate as the chess games they play every afternoon while her chaperone dozes.

To Nic, Esther– with the long coils of golden hair he sees loosened as she exchanges pins for failed chess moves–is the princess in the tower, entangling him in an unexpected adventure he never imagined.

But every Princess needs a Prince and Nic isn’t sure if he can be anything more than the rusty tin soldier when she needs a white knight and a trusty steed.


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Now it’s your turn to grab the book nearest you and leave a comment with the first (or your favorite) line!

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16 thoughts on “First Line Friday – 03.08.19

  1. Happy Friday and Weekend! My first line is from “Castle on the Rise” by Kristy Cambron:

    “Fairy-tale weddings never included rain on the guest list. Or snow – and they had both.”

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    1. Ha ha. Well, that is a very fitting quote for the book I’m sharing today. 🙂 Too bad for your character. I’m not sure slush is great for weddings. Rain or snow, sure you can work with it. But slush? Meh. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I’m sharing from Katherine Wentworth by D.E. Stevenson on my blog today. Here’s a semi-random sentence from the e-book page I’m on:

    “All around us were the rolling hills, one behind the other as far as eye could see; they were like huge green billows in a rough Atlantic gale, which had suddenly frozen into a state of immobility. Later they would be clad in heather, purple as the robes of a king.”

    Happy reading and have a wonderful Friday and Weekend!

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  3. There was only one person who still called me Cord, but how was it that Ramon Avarez came to be speaking from the other end of the phone line?
    From The Fool’s Truth by Loretta H. Marion

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  4. Sorry I didn’t make it around earlier this weekend! This week on my blog I featured Night Road by Kristin Hannah but I’m currently reading Finally Accepted by Toni Shiloh. I’ll share the first line from my current chapter (6) here: “Chloe sat out on her apartment deck with a cup of herbal tea and her Bible.” Hope you had a great weekend!

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