First Line Friday – 02.17.17


Hey, everybody! It’s Friday! You know what that means. We get to read and share the first lines of some pretty great books.

Today I am featuring Pepper D. Basham’s book, The Thorn Bearer (which I have reviewed previously), because it is the first book in the Penned in Time series and I will be reviewing the third book in the series, The Thorn Healer, on Monday. Be sure to sign up to follow my blog, so you don’t miss it!Cover Image of "The Thorn Bearer" by Pepper D Basham

The Thorn Bearer also has some of my favorite opening lines. Which is why I cannot decide whether I like the first line of the prologue or the first line of the first chapter better. So I’ve decided to share both:


“Death hovered in the shadows of the room, a shapeless presence as familiar to Ashleigh Dougall as the scent of morphine.”

Chapter 1:

“There is a distinct difference between marrying a man you do not love, and falling in love with a man you cannot marry.”

Now it’s your turn! Grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line!

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14 thoughts on “First Line Friday – 02.17.17

  1. I love this series! Well, anything by Pepper, really 😊

    My first line today comes from the first book in Tamara Leigh’s medieval ‘Age of Faith’ series, The Unveiling:

    ~~Lincolnshire, England, October 1149~~
    A nightmare seized him from sleep, turned around his throat, and filled his mouth so full he could not cry out. Desperate for air, he opened his eyes onto a moonless night that denied him the face of his attacker.


  2. Great first line! My first line comes from Chapter 8 of the Raleigh Harmon Series. “The Waves Break Gray,” by Sibella Giroello. Love this series.

    “When I pulled into the parking lot for the Icicle River trail, the sky was that tender baby pink, as if this day was born with its own life, full of promises.”


  3. The Elusive Miss Ellison
    Carolyn Miller

    And the first line is…

    St. Hampton Heather
    Gloucestershire, England
    June 1813

    “‘Why, Livvie! Whatever are you doing?’ Lavina Ellison placed down her gardening trowel, swiped perspiration from her brow, and smiled up at her friend. ‘Good Morning, Sophy.'”

    Happy reading and happy Friday!


  4. I LOVE this book!! Besides reading it, I have it on Audio and have listened to it 3 times! It has become my absolute favorite on Audio! All 3 books are some of the best writing that I have read!!! My first line is from an old book that, although I don’t have it’s publication date, it was a present in 1908 to someone. “It appears to me, looking back over a past experience, that certain days in one’s life stand out prominently as landmarks, when we arrive at some finger-post pointing out the road that we should follow.” But my very favorite line is: “The heart knoweth its own bitterness, Phoebe, and it may be that in your place I should fail utterly in patience; but if we will not lie still under His hand, & learn the lesson He would fain teach us, it may be that fresh trials may be sent to humble us.” from Uncle Max by Rosa Carey


  5. I need to read that book! I saw the first line for one of my other critique partners, Angela, was on here last week! Glad to find you! My first line.
    “You don’t want to do this.” I just received a copy my critique partner LeAnne Bristow’s debut with Love Inspired called Her Texas Rebel. So excited for her!


    1. That is very exciting! 🙂 And a wonderful first line. Now I want to know what it is the person doesn’t want to do and why they shouldn’t do it. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and sharing your first line!


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