First Line Friday – 02.10.17


I am so excited to be joining in the First Line Friday fun! I love reading everyone’s first lines and discovering new books to read.

Today I am featuring The Scarlet Coat by Angela K. Couch.  the-scarlet-coat-cover-image

I recently won a copy of this book over at Mary Manners & Friends. (Thank you, Mary & Angela!) After reading the first chapter on that blog I have decided this will definitely be part of my in-flight reading on my way to the Asheville Christian Writers Conference next week. I was hooked from the first line. Here it is:

“The last rays of sun faded into twilight, and the wind whispered through the trees, as if warning Rachel to turn back.”

Now it’s your turn! Grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line!

Then head on over and share your First Line with these friends:

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17 thoughts on “First Line Friday – 02.10.17

  1. Happy Friday! Your book sounds good! My first line is from Still Life by Dani Pettrey: “He glanced around what had become a dumping ground by the river’s edge. Dark, silent…deserted. Perfect. (Sorry-I know that’s more than just the first line, but it’s so good!)

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  2. Hello Kathleen and welcome to FLF!

    My first line comes from Promise of Deer Run by Elaine Marie Cooper


    Huzzah! It’s over! The treaty’s been signed! Huzzah!

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  3. Welcome to the group Kathleen!

    The Mark of the King
    Jocelyn Green

    And the first line is…

    Paris, France
    September 1719

    “There it was again. Suddenly wide awake, Julianne covered her ears. Straw crunched beneath her, needling her skin through the ticking as she inched away from the dank stone wall and closer to the warm body beside her.”

    Happy reading and happy Friday!

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  4. “About the same time as Hardy was walking into the village market for his purchase of carnations, his cousin set out from the Auld Hoose, faithful sheepdog bounding ahead of him.” The Cottage, by Michael Phillips. 1st line of chapter 9. 🙂

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  5. The old-time car horn a-oogaed, and David Harrington slowly reached over to the nightstand for his cell phone.
    ~The Triple Date Dare by Lauraine Henderson

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  6. My first line this week is from The Memoir of Johnny Devine (It is fiction lol) “A tiny cyclone of dry leaves raced ahead of Eliza as she crossed 35th Avenue, urging her to hurry.” Welcome to this crazy team!!! 😀

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