Very clever video about the future of publishing

For those who may not be aware, the publishing industry is going through something similar to what the music industry went through in the recent past. With the growing digital publications market, the loss of several brick and mortar stores, and the explosion of self-publishing causing ripple effects in the traditional publishers, it’s a time of major change for anyone involved in writing, editing, designing, printing, distributing, or any other aspect of getting the written word out to its intended audience. The video in the link below explores perspective on the changing publishing industry. Be sure to watch it all the way through for the twist.

Write Is a Verb Blog

Watch this one until the very end. Well worth a watch and it will only take a few minutes. Things are changing in publishing, what with Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iPad with iPublishing. Opportunities and danger, like the old cliché about the Chinese word for crisis.

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